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Battery Charger for PANASONIC EY9086, EY9086B, EY9182, EY9182B, EY9168, EY9168B, EY9251, EY9251B, EY9136, EY9136B, EY9230, EY9230B, EY9231, EY9231B, EY9001, EY9101, EY9108, EY9200, EY9200B, EY9201, EY9201B, EY9005B, EY9006B, EY9106, EY9106B
Battery Charger for PANASONIC EY9086, EY9086B, EY9182, EY9182B, EY9168, EY9168B, EY9251, EY9251B, EY9136, EY9136B, EY9230, EY9230B, EY9231, EY9231B, EY9001, EY9101, EY9108, EY9200, EY9200B, EY9201, EY9201B, EY9005B, EY9006B, EY9106, EY9106B
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External Batteries
Universal External Battery for Camcorder, Digital Camera, Game System, Mobile Phone, PDA, Smart Phone
Product Information
Product ID: GB-USA.7308EDC025
Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Voltage: 5V (Input), 5V (Output)
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 71.20 x 63.00 x 23.20 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!
Bag x 1pc
USB Power Cable x 1 pc
Samsung Galaxy Tab Charging Cable x 1 pc
Micro USB connector x 1pc

Input: Micro USB port
Input DC Voltage: DC 5V / 1A
Output: Dual USB
Rated Output: DC 5V for each output port
Operation Current: Max. 1A for each output port
Charging time: 8 hours
Cells Brand: Samsung
Weight: 135.50 g
Remarks: The cross reference list below is for reference only. To avoid mismatch, please make sure that the size of your original adapter tip is similar to the connector tip listed therein.
Inventory: In Stock
* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model, part number and dimension (mentioned above) of your device.
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Product Description:
Product ManualProduct Manual - Instruction Manual

This battery is compatible with the following Camcorder models

Head M10 

    GoPro HD Hero2


    JVC GC-FM1 Series
        GC-FM1, GC-FM1-A, GC-FM1-B,
        GC-FM1-V, GC-FM1AUS, GC-FM1BUS,

    JVC GC-WP10 Series
        GC-WP10, GC-WP10AEU,

Power Cable XC2

    GoPro CHDHE-301,
    GoPro HD Hero,
    GoPro Hero3

This battery is compatible with the following Ebook models

Power Cable XC2


    AMAZON Kindle,
    AMAZON Kindle 2,
    AMAZON Kindle 2 International,
    AMAZON Kindle 3,
    AMAZON Kindle DX,
    AMAZON Kindle DX International,
    AMAZON Kindle Fire,
    AMAZON Kindle Touch,
    AMAZON Kindle Touch 3G

This battery is compatible with the following Mobile Phone models

Head M10

    Accolade VX5600, Arena GT950, Banter Touch UN510,
    Bliss UX700, CRYSTAL GD900, Encore GT550,
    GR700 Vu Plus, Gray C800, KF757, KM555, KT770,
    KV600, LG230, LX610 Lotus Elite, Lotus Elite LX610,
    MINI GD880, MN240, MS690 Optimus M,
    Neon II GW370, Octane VN530, POP GD510,
    Prime GS390, Rumor Touch LN510, SWIFT GT540,
    Sentio GS505, Shine 2 GD710, T315, TOWN C300,
    VS660 Vortex, VX5600 Accolade, Vortex VS660,
    Vu Plus GR700, Wine 2 UN430, dLite GD570

    LG A Series
        A110, A133, A170,
        A200, A310

    LG BL Series
        BL20, BL40

    LG C Series
        C310, C320, C360,
        C660, C800

    LG COOKIE Series
        COOKIE 3G T320, COOKIE FRESH GS290,

    LG GD Series
        GD310, GD350, GD510, GD570 dLite,
        GD710 Shine 2, GD880, GD900

    LG GM Series
        GM730, GM750,

    LG GS Series
        GS105, GS108, GS170, GS390 Prime,
        GS500V, GS505 Sentio

    LG GT Series
        GT350, GT405, GT500, GT505, GT540,
        GT550 Encore, GT950 Arena

    LG GU Series
        GU230, GU285, GU292,

    LG GW Series
        GW300, GW370 Neon II, GW520,

    LG GX Series
        GX200, GX500

    LG KX Series
        KX186, KX190, KX195,
        KX197, KX216T, KX218,
        KX266T, KX300

    LG LN Series
        LN240, LN510 Rumor Touch

    LG OPTIMUS Series
        OPTIMUS 2X P990, OPTIMUS 3D,
        OPTIMUS 7 E900, OPTIMUS CHAT C550,
        OPTIMUS SOL E730, Optimus 3D Max,
        Optimus Black P970, Optimus Elite,
        Optimus M MS690, Optimus T

    LG P Series
        P509, P725, P920

    LG UN Series
        UN430 Wine 2, UN510 Banter Touch

    LG UX Series
        UX220, UX700 Bliss

    LG VIEWTY Series

    LG VN Series
        VN250 Cosmos, VN530 Octane

    LG myTouch Series
        myTouch Q, myTouch Q 4G

    Atrix 4G, Aura, Backflip, Bravo,
    Charm, Citrus, Clutch i475, Defy,
    E8, ELECTRIFY, EM325, Flipout,
    Flipside, MB860, Milestone, Photon 4G,
    QA30, Quantico, ROKR E8, Theory,
    Titanium, Triumph, U9, XPRT

    Motorola Brute Series
        Brute i680, Brute i686

    Motorola CLIQ Series
        CLIQ, CLIQ 2, CLIQ XT

    Motorola Droid Series
        Droid 2 Global, Droid 3, Droid Bionic,
        Droid Pro, Droid X, Droid X2

    Motorola MotoNav Series
        MotoNav TN555, MotoNav TN565t,
        MotoNav TN765t

    Motorola Q9 Series
        Q9, Q9e, Q9h

    Motorola RAZR Series
        RAZR VE20, RAZR2 V8, RAZR2 V9

    Motorola V8 Series
        V8 2GB, V8 LUX
    Motorola Z Series
        Z9, ZN4, ZN5

    Motorola i Series

        i1, i412

    Nokia 5630 XpressMusic,
    Nokia C6-01,
    Nokia Lumia 800

    Nokia 2000 Series
        2605 Mirage, 2705 Shade

    Nokia 3000 Series
        3710 fold, 3711

    Nokia 6000 Series

        6205, 6350, 6500 Classic,
        6500c, 6700 Classic

    Nokia 7000 Series
        7205 Intrigue, 7230, 7612s,
        7705 Twist, 7900 Prism

    Nokia 8000 Series
        8208, 8600 Luna, 8800 Arte,
        8800 Carbon Arte, 8800 Gold Arte,
        8800 Sapphire Arte

    Nokia E Series
        E52, E7-00, E7-00i,
        E72, E75

    Nokia N Series
        N8, N85, N86 8MP, N9,
        N900, N97, N97 mini

    Nokia X Series
        X2-00, X5-01, X7-00

    Palm Treo Pro

    Character SCH-R640, Chat B3410W,
    Chrono SCH-R261, Comment SCH-R380,
    Contour SCH-R250, Convoy 2 SCH-U660,
    Craft SCH-R900, Eternity II SGH-A597,
    Everygreen SGH-A667, Exclaim SPH-M550,
    Factor SPH-M260, Focus 2,
    Freeform II SCH-R360, Glamour S5150,
    Haven SCH-U320, Highnote SPH-M630,
    Infuse 4G SGH-I997, Intensity SCH-U460,
    Intercept SPH-M910, Jet Ultra Edition,
    Lindy M5650, Mesmerize SCH-I500,
    Mondi SWD-M100, MyShot II SCH-R460,
    Mythic SGH-A897, Omnia Lite, Pixon12,
    Player Star, Rant SPH-M540,
    Reality SCH-U820, Reclaim SPH-M560,
    SGH-T379, Seek SPH-M350, Shark S5350,
    Smiley SGH-T359, Solstice II SGH-A817,
    Stride SCH-R330, Stunt SCH-R100,
    Sunburst SGH-A697, Tocco Ultra Edition,
    TwoStep SCH-R470, Wave 2 Pro S5330,
    i8510 innov8

    Samsung C Series
        C3530, C5510, C6112

    Samsung Caliber Series
        Caliber SCH-R850, Caliber SCH-R860

    Samsung E Series
        E2100, E2370, E252W

    Samsung Flight Series
        Flight SGH-A797, Flight SGH-A927

    Samsung Freedom Series
        Freedom III SCH-R380, Freedom SCH-R260,
        Freedom SCH-R350, Freedom SCH-R351

    Samsung Galaxy Series
        Galaxy 3 I5800, Galaxy 580 I5801,
        Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II SGH-T989,
        Galaxy WGT-I9023

    Samsung Gravity Series
        Gravity SGH-T479, Gravity TXT QWERTY,
        Gravity TXT SGH-T379, Gravity Touch SGH-T669

    Samsung Gusto Series
        Gusto 2, Gusto SCH-U360

    Samsung M Series
        M2310, M2510, M3310,
        M7500 Emporio Armani,
        M7600 BEAT DJ

    Samsung Messager Series

        Messager II SCH-R560, Messager III QWERTY,
        Messager III SCH-R570, Messager SCH-R631,
        Messager Touch SCH-R630

    Samsung Monte Series
        Monte Bar C3200, Monte Slider E2550

    Samsung Profile Series

        Profile QWERTY, Profile SCH-R580

    Samsung Restore Series
        Restore, Restore QWERTY,
        Restore SPH-M570, Restore SPH-M575

    Samsung Rugby Series
        Rugby, Rugby SGH-A847

    Samsung S Series

        S3370, S5530, S6700,
        S7220 Ultra Classic,
        S7220 Ultra b, S7350,
        S7350 Ultra s, S8000 Jet,
        S8000H, S8300 Ultra Touch

    Samsung SCH Series

        SCH-R335C, SCH-R355, SCH-R455C,
        SCH-R570, SCH-R580, SCH-U380

    Samsung SPH Series
        SPH-M220, SPH-M240, SPH-M320,
        SPH-M330, SPH-M360, SPH-M570

Power Cable XC2

    Lumia 625, Lumia 925

This battery is compatible with the following PDA models

Head M10

    MOTOROLA Xoom 2(MZ615)

    Sony Ericsson Apsen,
    Sony Ericsson Cedar,
    Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman,
    Sony Ericsson LT260i,
    Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman,
    Sony Ericsson Neo V,
    Sony Ericsson Spiro,
    Sony Ericsson Yendo,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X8,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia active,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia arc,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia mini,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia E15i,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia ray,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia S,
    Sony Ericsson txt,
    Sony Ericsson txt pro

    Sony Ericsson Vivaz Series
        Vivaz, Vivaz pro

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Series
        Xperia X1, Xperia X1a

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Series
        Xperia X10, Xperia X10 mini,
        Xperia X10 mini pro

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Series
        Xperia X2, Xperia X2a

This battery is compatible with the following Smart Phone models

Head M10

    Blackberry 8230,
    Blackberry 9500,
    Blackberry Storm 9530,
    Blackberry Style 9670,
    Blackberry Tour 9630

    Blackberry Bold Series
        Bold 9650, Bold 9700, Bold 9780,
        Bold 9900, Bold 9930

    Blackberry Curve Series
        Curve 3G 9300, Curve 8500, Curve 8520,
        Curve 8530, Curve 8900, Curve 9350,
        Curve 9360, Curve 9370

    Blackberry Pearl Series
        Pearl 3G, Pearl 3G 9100, Pearl 8220,
        Pearl Flip 8200

    Blackberry Storm2 Series
        Storm2 9520, Storm2 9550

    Blackberry Torch Series
        Torch 9800, Torch 9810, Torch 9850,
        Torch 9860

    HTC 7 Mozart,
    HTC 7 Pro,
    HTC 7 Trophy,
    HTC A6363,
    HTC Aria,
    HTC Chacha,
    HTC EVO 3D,
    HTC Endeavor,
    HTC Explorer,
    HTC Flyer,
    HTC Gratia,
    HTC HD2,
    HTC HD7,
    HTC Incredible S,
    HTC Legend,
    HTC Mozart,
    HTC One S,
    HTC One V,
    HTC One X,
    HTC Primo,
    HTC Radar,
    HTC Rhyme,
    HTC Salsa,
    HTC Titan,
    HTC Ville,
    HTC Vision,
    HTC Wildfire S,
    HTC Z715e

    HTC Desire Series
        Desire, Desire HD, Desire S,
        Desire Z

    HTC G Series
        G16, G6, G8, G9

    HTC Sensation Series
        Sensation, Sensation XE, Sensation XL

    HTC Widefire Series
        Widefire S, Wildfire

    Sony Ericsson LT28i,
    Sony Ericsson MT25i,
    Sony Ericsson MT27i,
    Sony Ericsson ST25i,
    Sony Ericsson ST27i,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Acro HD,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia NX SO-02D,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia P LT22i,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia S LT26i,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Sola,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia U,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia go,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia ion LT28i,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia neo L,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia neo L MT25i
    Sony Ericsson Xperia ion

    Acclaim SCH-R880, Admire SCH-R720, Beam I8520,
    Beat DISC M6710, Behold SGH-T939, Blade S5600v,
    Blue Earth, Brightside, Caliber SCH-R850,
    Champ C3300K, Chat B3410W, Code SCH-I220,
    Conquer 4G SPH-D600, Continuum SCH-I400,
    Craft SCH-R900, Dart SGH-T499,
    DoubleTime SGH-I857, Droid Charge SCH-I510,
    Epic 4G SPH-D700, Eternity II SGH-A597,
    Exclaim SPH-M550, Exec SCH-I225, Flight SGH-A927,
    Gem SCH-I100, Gravity Smart SGH-T589, H1,
    I8520 Halo, Illusion SCH-I110, Indulge SCH-R915,
    Instinct HD SPH-M850, Intrepid SPH-I350,
    Jet Ultra Edition, Mesmerize SCH-I500,
    Messager SCH-R631, Moment SPH-M900,
    Mondi SWD-M100, Mythic SGH-A897,
    Reality SCH-U820, Replenish SPH-M580,
    Repp SCH-R680, Rugby, SPH-D710,
    Sidekick 4G SGH-T839, Solstice II SGH-A817,
    Stratosphere SCH-I405, Strive SGH-A687,
    Suede SCH-R710, Transfix SCH-R730,
    Transform SPH-M920, Trender SPH-M380,
    Vibrant SGH-T959

    Samsung B Series
        B5722, B7300, B7330, B7610, B7610 Omnia Pro,
        B7620 Giorgio Armani, B7722

    Samsung Captivate Series
        Captivate Glide, Captivate Glide SGH-I927,
        Captivate SGH-I897

    Samsung Exhibit Series
        Exhibit 4G SGH-T759, Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679

    Samsung Focus Series
        Focus 2, Focus Flash SGH-I917,
        Focus S SGH-I937, Focus SGH-I677,
        Focus SGH-I917

    Samsung Galaxy Series
        GALAXY Nexus, GALAXY W,
        Galaxy Ace S5830, Galaxy Apollo i5801,
        Galaxy Appeal, Galaxy Attain 4G,
        Galaxy Gio S5560, Galaxy Indulge SCH-R910,
        Galaxy Nexus (Verizon), Galaxy Note,
        Galaxy Note i717, Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828C,
        Galaxy Prevail SPH-M820, Galaxy Proclaim,
        Galaxy R, Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V,
        Galaxy S Blaze, Galaxy S I9000,
        Galaxy S II 4G, Galaxy S II SGH-I777,
        Galaxy S II Skyrocket SGH-I727, Galaxy S III,
        Galaxy S Plus I9001, Galaxy S II I9100,
        Galaxy SII HD LTE, Galaxy SL i9003,
        Galaxy Xcover, Galaxy Y Duos,
        Galaxy Y S5360, Galaxy mini S5570

    Samsung GT Series
        GT-I9020A, GT-I9020T, GT-I9023, GT-I9100M,
        GT-I9300, GT-S6102, GT-i9250

    Samsung Nexus Series
        Nexus S, Nexus S 4G SPH-D720

    Samsung Omnia Series
        Omnia II SCH-I920, Omnia Lite,
        Omnia PRO 4 B7350

    Samsung S Series
        S5530, S5600 Preston, S5690,
        S7220 Ultra Classic, S7350,
        S7350 Ultra s, S8000 Jet,

    Samsung SCH Series
        SCH-I515, SCH-R920, SCH-S720C, SCH-U380

    Samsung SGH Series
        SGH-G810, SGH-I667, SGH-I717, SGH-I717RWAATT,
        SGH-I717ZBAATT, SGH-I757M, SGH-I827,
        SGH-I847, SGH-I927, SGH-T528G, SGH-T769

    Samsung Wave Series
        Wave 2 Pro S5330, Wave 2 S5250, Wave 575 S5750E,
        Wave 723 S7230E, Wave II S8530, Wave S8500

    Samsung i Series
        i5500 Corby, i5700 Galaxy Spica, i7500 Galaxy,
        i8000 Omnia 2, i8150, i8910 HD, i9103

Power Cable XC2

    Blackberry Z10,
    Blackberry Pearl 9105

    HTC 606w,
    HTC 801s,
    HTC 901s,
    HTC Butterfly S,
    HTC ChaCha,
    HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim,
    HTC Desire X,
    HTC HD 7,
    HTC J,
    HTC One,
    HTC Velocity 4G

    HTC A Series

        A310e, A510e, A7272, A810e, A9191

    HTC C Series
        C110e, C510e, C525e

    HTC One Series
        One SV, One X+

    HTC S Series
        S510b, S510e, S710e, S720e, S728e

    HTC T Series
        T320e, T328e, T8698, T9292, TITAN

    HTC X Series
        X310e, X315e, X515m, X710s

    HTC Z Series
        Z321e, Z560e, Z710e

    Lenovo K900

    Acclaim, Admire, Ativ S, Behold, Blade, C3300K,
    Caliber, Captivate, Champ, Chat, Code, Conquer 4G,
    Continuum, Craft, DoubleTime, Droid Charge,
    Epic 4G, Eternity II, Exclaim, Exec, Flight, Gem,
    Gravity Smart, Illusion, Indulge, Instinct HD,
    Intercept, Intrepid, Mesmerize, Messager,
    Moment, Mondi, Mythic, Nexus S 4G, Note 2, SC-03D,
    SWD-M100, Sidekick 4G, Stratosphere, Strive, Suede,
    Trender, Vibrant

    Samsung B Series
        B3410W, B7350

    Samsung Exhibit Series
        Exhibit 4G, Exhibit II 4G

    Samsung Focus Series
        Focus Flash, Focus S

    Samsung GT Series
        GT-I9210, GT-I9210T, GT-I9305,
        GT-N7100, GT-N7102, GT-N7105

    Samsung Galaxy Series

        GALAXY Ace 2, GALAXY S Advance, Galaxy 3, Galaxy 580,
        Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Ace Duos, Galaxy Ace Plus,
        Galaxy Apollo, Galaxy Express i8730, Galaxy Gio,
        Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Indulge, Galaxy Maga 5.8",
        Galaxy Maga 6.3", Galaxy Mini 2, Galaxy Note II,
        Galaxy Note II LTE, Galaxy Pocket Plus, Galaxy Precedent,
        Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S Aviator,
        Galaxy S Duos, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II HD LTE,
        Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy S II Plus, Galaxy S III 4G,
        Galaxy S III I535, Galaxy S III I747, Galaxy S III LTE,
        Galaxy S III T999, Galaxy S III mini, Galaxy S Plus,
        Galaxy S3, Galaxy W, Galaxy Y, Galaxy mini

    Samsung i Series
        I5800, I9000, I9001, I9100, I939, i5801, i717,
        i8160, i8190, i8750, i9070, i9105, i9305

    Samsung Infuse Series
        Infuse, Infuse 4G

    Samsung N Series
        N7005, N7100, N7102

    Samsung Omnia Series
        Omnia II, Omnia Pro

    Samsung S Series
        S5250, S5300, S5301, S5330, S5360, S5560, S5570,
        S5600v, S5750E, S5830, S6500, S6802, S7230E,
        S7500, S7562, S8530

    Samsung SCH Series
        SCH-I100, SCH-I110, SCH-I220, SCH-I225,
        SCH-I400, SCH-I405, SCH-I500, SCH-I510,
        SCH-I535, SCH-I920, SCH-I939, SCH-M828C,
        SCH-R631, SCH-R680, SCH-R710, SCH-R720,
        SCH-R850, SCH-R880, SCH-R900, SCH-R910,
        SCH-R915, SCH-R930, SCH-U820

    Samsung SGH Series

        SGH-A597, SGH-A687, SGH-A817, SGH-A897,
        SGH-A927, SGH-I317M, SGH-I727R, SGH-I747,
        SGH-I777, SGH-I857, SGH-I897, SGH-I917,
        SGH-I937, SGH-I997, SGH-T589, SGH-T679,
        SGH-T759, SGH-T839, SGH-T939, SGH-T959,
        SGH-T959V, SGH-T999

    Samsung SPH Series
        SPH-D720, SPH-M380, SPH-M550, SPH-M580,
        SPH-M820, SPH-M850, SPH-M900, SPH-M910,
        SPH-M920, SPH-M930, SPH-i350

    Samsung Transform Series

        Transform, Transform Ultra

    Samsung Wave Series
        Wave 2, Wave 2 Pro, Wave 575,
        Wave 723, Wave II

    Sony C5503,
    Sony C6603,
    Sony C6802,
    Sony SO-02D

    Sony LT Series
        LT22i, LT25i, LT260i, LT26i, LT26ii, LT28h,
        LT28i, LT29i

    Sony ST Series
        ST21i2, ST26i

    Sony Xperia Series
        Xperia J, Xperia NX, Xperia P,
        Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia Sola,
        Xperia TX, Xperia U, Xperia V,
        Xperia Z, Xperia Z Ultra HSPA+, Xperia ZR,
        Xperia ion, Xperia ion HSPA, Xperia neo L,
        Xperia neo L MT25i, Xperia tipo dual

    ZTE Geek

This battery is compatible with the following Digital Camera models

Power Cable XC2

    Samsung C1010,
    Samsung Galaxy Core,
    Samsung Galaxy Mega,
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom,
    Samsung Galaxy S4 mini,
    Samsung MV900F,
    Samsung NX300,
    Samsung i8262,
    Samsung i9190,
    Samsung i9205

Power Cable Z4

    Canon Digital IXUS 430,
    Canon Digital IXUS 500

    Canon PowerShot A Series
        PowerShot A10, PowerShot A20, PowerShot A30,
        PowerShot A40, PowerShot A60, PowerShot A610,
        PowerShot A620, PowerShot A630, PowerShot A640,
        PowerShot A70, PowerShot A75, PowerShot A80,
        PowerShot A85, PowerShot A95

    Canon PowerShot S Series

        PowerShot S100, PowerShot S110, PowerShot S200,
        PowerShot S230

    CASIO Exilim EX-Z30

    Contax I4R,
    Contax SL300RT,
    Contax U4R

    Fujifilm CLiP iT Series
        CLiP iT, CLiP iT 80, CLiP iT DS-10/10S,
        CLiP iT DS-20, CLiP iT DS-30

    Fujifilm DS Series

        DS-220, DS-260HD, DS-300,
        DS-560, DS-565

    Fujifilm DX Series
        DX-10, DX-7, DX-9

    Fujifilm FinePix Series
        FinePix 1200, FinePix 1300, FinePix 1400 Zoom,
        FinePix 1400Z, FinePix 1700Z, FinePix 2200,
        FinePix 2300, FinePix 2400 Zoom, FinePix 2400Z,
        FinePix 2500Z, FinePix 2700Z, FinePix 2800,
        FinePix 2800 Zoom, FinePix 3800, FinePix 402,
        FinePix 4500Z, FinePix 4800 Zoom, FinePix 4800Z,
        aFinePix 4900 Zoom, FinePix 4900Z, FinePix 500,
        FinePix 50i, FinePix 600Z, FinePix 6800 Zoom,
        FinePix 6800Z, FinePix 6900 Zoom, FinePix 6900Z,
        FinePix 700, FinePix PR21, FinePix V10,
        FinePix Z1

    Fujifilm FinePix F Series
        FinePix F20, FinePix F30, FinePix F31fd,
        FinePix F401, FinePix F401 Zoom, FinePix F402,
        FinePix F40fd, FinePix F410, FinePix F440 Zoom,
        FinePix F45fd, FinePix F460, FinePix F47fd,
        FinePix F601, FinePix F601 Zoom, FinePix F602,
        FinePix F650, FinePix F810 Zoom

    Fujifilm FinePix S Series
        FinePix S1 Pro, FinePix S2 Pro, FinePix S20 Pro,
        FinePix S3000, FinePix S304, FinePix S3100,
        FinePix S3500, FinePix S5000, FinePix S5100,
        FinePix S5200, FinePix S5500, FinePix S5600,
        FinePix S5700, FinePix S5800, FinePix S602,
        FinePix S700, FinePix S7000, FinePix S8000fd,
        FinePix S9000, FinePix S9500

    Fujifilm MX Series
        MX-1200, MX-1700 Zoom, MX-2700,
        MX-2900 Zoom, MX-500, MX-600 Zoom,

    GE E1030

    Kodak EasyShare DC4800,
    Kodak hare

    Kodak EasyShare One Series

    Kodak EasyShare DX Series

        EasyShare DX6490, EasyShare DX7440,
        EasyShare DX7590

    Kodak EasyShare LS Series
        EasyShare LS420, EasyShare LS443, EasyShare LS633,
        EasyShare LS743, EasyShare LS753, EasyShare LS755

    Kodak EasyShare M Series
        EasyShare M753, EasyShare M853, EasyShare M873,
        EasyShare M883

    Kodak EasyShare P Series

        EasyShare P712, EasyShare P850,
        EasyShare P880

    Kodak EasyShare V Series
        EasyShare V1003, EasyShare V530, EasyShare V550,
        EasyShare V570, EasyShare V603, EasyShare V610,
        EasyShare V705, EasyShare V803

    Kodak EasyShare Z Series
        EasyShare Z730, EasyShare Z7590, EasyShare Z760


    Kyocera Finecam M400R,
    Kyocera Finecam M410R,
    Kyocera Finecam S4,
    Kyocera Finecam SL300R,
    Kyocera Finecam SL400R,
    Kyocera SAMURAi 2100DG

    Kyocera Finecam S3 Series
        Finecam S3, Finecam S3L, Finecam S3R,
        Finecam S3x

    Kyocera Finecam S5 Series
        Finecam S5, Finecam S5R

    Minolta Dimage X,
    Minolta Dimage X50,
    Minolta Dimage X60,
    Minolta Dimage Xg,
    Minolta Dimage Xt

    Olympus IR-300,
    Olympus IR-500,
    Olympus MR-100,
    Olympus MR-500i,
    Olympus SP-700


    Panasonic Lumix DMC-F1,
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-F7

    Rollei Prego dp4200,
    Rollei Prego dp6200

    Sanyo DSC-MZ3

    Toshiba Allegertto M Series
        Allegertto M3, Allegertto M4, Allegertto M40,
        Allegertto M5, Allegertto M70

    Toshiba PDR-M Series
        PDR-M11, PDR-M21, PDR-M25, PDR-M4, PDR-M5,
        PDR-M6, PDR-M60, PDR-M61, PDR-M65, PDR-M70,
        PDR-M71, PDR-M81

Power Cable Z7

    Olympus Tough TG-1

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100,
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100/B

This battery is compatible with the following Game System models

    Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP),
    Sony PSP-1000,
    Sony PSP-2006

This battery is compatible with the following Tablet models

Head M10

    Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Power Cable XC2

    Galaxy Tab 3 8"

    MeMo Pad HD 7

Power Cable Z9

    Samsung GT-P7320T,
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000,
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus,
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7\",
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G P7320T,
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9\" (Use the USB connection cable which is sold together with your device)

** The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners.

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