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Battery Charger for BOSCH
Battery Charger for BOSCH
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Battery Chargers
Battery Charger for RICOH CR-2, CR2
Product Information
Product ID: GB-USA.6306CBFR006LB
Compatible Part Numbers:

CR-2, CR2
Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Voltage: 100-240AC (Input), DC 3.7V/7.3V (Output)
Color: Gray
Dimension: 79.95 x 49.87 x 51.60 mm
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!
Weight: 175.30 g
Remarks: 1. This Product includes 1 charger and 2 pcs of RCR2 rechargeable batteries.
2. Our rechargeable batteries must be charged with our charger included in the package - - do NOT use other chargers.
3. Do NOT use our charger for rechargeable and/or one-off batteries of other brands.

Inventory: In Stock
* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model, part number and dimension (mentioned above) of your device.
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Product Description:
Product ManualProduct Manual - Instruction Manual

    130Z, 4F20S, AF7Z, Easy II, FF-10 Zoom,
    FF-10D Zoom, FF-20, FF-20 Wide Zoom, FF-20L-20,
    FF-300D, FF-8NR, FF-8WR, GR10, GR1S, GR1V, GR21,
    Giro 140, Master Shot 110, Master Shot 130,
    Master Shot 130 Super, Master Shot 130-Z,
    Master Shot AF, Master Shot AFD, Master Shot AFII,
    Master Shot AFP, Master Shot AFPD,
    Master Shot FF20 Super, Master Shot TRU-Zoom,
    Master Shot Ultra Dual, Master Shot Ultra Zoom,
    Master Shot Ultra Zoom D,
    Master Shot Ultra Zoom II,
    Master Shot Ultra Zoom Super, Master Shot Zoom 70,
    Master Shot Zoom 70D, Mirai 105, Myport 330 Super,
    Myport 330 Zoom, Petite Zoom D, Prego 115,
    Prego 115 AF, Prego 125, Prego 140, Prego 145 AF,
    Prego 70 Zoom, Prego 90, Prego 90 AF,
    Prego Xenar AF, Prego Zoom 115, Prego Zoom AF,
    R-ex105z, R-ex120z, R-ex70z, R-ex90z, R1, R1E,
    RX-700, RZ-105, RZ-105 Zoom, RZ-1050, RZ-115,
    RZ-125, RZ-140, RZ-3000, RZ-700, RZ-728, RZ-735,
    RZ-770, RZ-900, Super Shot AF D, YF-20 Super,
    YF-20D, Zoom Super, Zoom X115, Zoom X70

    A1 Date, AutoBoy 155, AutoBoy A (Ace),
    AutoBoy A XL, AutoBoy BF80, AutoBoy D5,
    AutoBoy EPO, AutoBoy F, AutoBoy J(Jack),
    AutoBoy Juno, AutoBoy Juno 76, AutoBoy Luna,
    AutoBoy Luna 105, AutoBoy Luna 105 S,
    AutoBoy Luna 35, AutoBoy Luna 85, AutoBoy Luna XL,
    AutoBoy Mini  T (Tele), AutoBoy Mini J,
    AutoBoy S (Super), AutoBoy S XL, AutoBoy SII XL,
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    EOS 30V Date, EOS 33, EOS 33V, EOS 500, EOS 5000,
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    EOS IX E, EOS IX Lite, EOS Kiss, EOS Kiss 5,
    EOS Kiss 7, EOS Kiss III, EOS Kiss III L,
    EOS Kiss Lite, EOS Rebel 2000, EOS Rebel G,
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    IXY330, M Date, Pocket Zoom 70M-AF AD, Prima 5,
    Prima AS-1, Prima AS-1 AllSport, Prima BF Twin,
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    Prima Super 115u II, Prima Super 130,
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    Prima Super 135, Prima Super 135 Caption,
    Prima Super 135N, Prima Super 150u,
    Prima Super 155, Prima Super 155 Caption,
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    Prima Twin S, Prima Zoom 65, Prima Zoom 70F,
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    Prima Zoom 85N, Prima Zoom 90u, Prima Zoom 90u II,
    Prima Zoom Mini, Prima Zoom Mini Caption,
    Prima Zoom Shot, Sure Shot   WP-1, Sure Shot 105,
    Sure Shot 105 Zoom, Sure Shot 105 Zoom S,
    Sure Shot 105Z, Sure Shot 105u, Sure Shot 115U II,
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    Sure Shot Z155, Sure Shot Z180u, Sure Shot Z85,
    Sure Shot Z85 Caption, Sure Shot Z90W,
    Sure Shot Zoom Max,
    Sure Shot Zoom Max Caption

    TLA 200,
    TVS II,
    TVS III,

    C1 Zoom 56, C1 Zoom 56s, C1 Zoom 56u, FPF-34,
    Instax Mini 20, Instax Mini 25, Instax Mini 50,
    Instax Mini 55, Instax Mini 55i, Instax Mini 7,
    MP-100, Natura ClassicaNatura NS, Natura F1.9,
    Natura S, Nexia Q1, Nexia Q1 Zoom, Pivi MP-70,
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    Zoom Date 1000, Zoom Date 1300, Zoom Date 160,
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    Advantix 3100AF, Advantix 3200AF, Advantix 3600IX,
    Advantix 3700IX, Advantix 3800IX,
    Advantix 4100 IX, Advantix 4100 IX Zoom,
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    Advantix C850 Zoom, Advantix F600,
    Advantix F600 Zoom, Advantix F620 Zoom,
    Advantix Film, Advantix Preview,
    Advantix T40 Auto, Advantix T500 Auto Focus,
    Advantix T550 Auto Focus,
    Advantix T570 Auto Focus, Advantix T70 Zoom,
    Advantix T700 Zoom, Cameo 880, Cameo AF,
    Cameo AFM, Cameo Sharp Focus, Cameo Zoom,
    Cameo Zoom Plus, DC25, KD40, KD45, KD60, KD65,
    KD70, KD75, KE60, Star 1035Z, Star 1035ZD,
    Star 105ZD, Star 1075Z, Star 935, Star Zoom 105,
    Star Zoom 105 QD

    Action Zoom 90, Capios 130S, Capios 140A, Capios 160A,
    Capios 70W, Capios 75W, Dynax 30, Dynax 3L, Dynax 4,
    Dynax 40, Dynax 5, Dynax 60, Hexar RF, Maxxum 3, Maxxum 4,
    Maxxum 5, Maxxum 50, Maxxum 7, Maxxum 70, Maxxum 9,
    Maxxum 9Ti, Riva Zoom 130c KIT, Riva Zoom 160c KIT,
    Riva Zoom 90, Zoom 110, Zoom 110 KIT, Zoom 160C, Zoom 85,
    a-7, a-5, a-50, a-70, a-Sweet II L

    AF Zoom 35mm, AF Zoom 80mm, Action Zoom 90,
    Capios 115S, Capios 125S, Capios 130S,
    Capios 140A, Capios 150S, Capios 160A, Capios 70W,
    Capios 75W, Dynax 3, Dynax 30, Dynax 5, Dynax 60,
    Dynax 7, Dynax 9, FZ160C, Freedom 140EX,
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    Freedom Escort, Freedom Family Zoom II,
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    Freedom Zoom 160A, Freedom Zoom 70,
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    Riva Zoom 90C, Riva Zoom Pico, TC-1, Zoom 110,
    Zoom 130C, Zoom 160, Zoom 160C, Zoom 70EX,
    zoom 150C, zoom 85   

    AF Mini, CC Leica M3, CD 112, CD 128,
    CD 140, CD 150, CD 155, CD 70, Leica M3,
    MX, NV300(Night Vision), NV350(Night Vision),
    NV400(Night Vision)

    10x42SE CF (Binoculars), 12x50SE CF (Binoculars),
    28Ti, 35Ti, 8x32SE CF (Binoculars), AF600,
    F100 (only MS-13), F55, F55D, F6, F60D, F65, F65D,
    F70, F70D, F75D, F80, F90X, FD 80D, FD 80S,
    Fun Touch 5, Lite Touch, Lite Touch 110s,
    Lite Touch 130 ED QD, Lite Touch 140 ED QD,
    Lite Touch 150 ED QD, Lite Touch 150 QD,
    Lite Touch Zoom, Lite Touch Zoom 105,
    Lite Touch Zoom 110, Lite Touch Zoom 110s QD,
    Lite Touch Zoom 120 EO, Lite Touch Zoom 120 QD,
    Lite Touch Zoom 130 ED, Lite Touch Zoom 130 QD,
    Lite Touch Zoom 140 ED, Lite Touch Zoom 140 QD,
    Lite Touch Zoom 150 ED, Lite Touch Zoom 70W,
    Lite Touch Zoom 70W QD, Lite Touch Zoom 70Ws,
    Lite Touch Zoom 70s, Lite Touch Zoom 80,
    Lite Touch Zoom 80 QD, Mini Zoom 400,
    Mini Zoom 600, N55, N65, N70, N75, N80, N80QD,
    N90s, NIGHT SEARCH ( Night Vision Scope),
    Nuvis 200, Nuvis 300, Nuvis S, Nuvis S 2000,
    Nuvis V, One Touch Zoom 90, One Touch Zoom 90 QD,
    One Touch Zoom 90S, One Touch Zoom 90S QD,
    Pronea 600i, Pronea S, RF 2D, SB-30 (Speedlight),
    SB-50DX (Speedlight), Speedlinght SB-800,
    Zoom 200, Zoom 300, Zoom 400, Zoom 600,
    Zoom 600 QD, Zoom 700VR, Zoom 800, Zoom 800QD,
    Zoom Touch 105-VRQD, Zoom Touch 8000

    AF-1 Twin, AF-10 Super, AF-10 Twin, AF-10XB,
    AM-100, AZ-200, AZ-210, AZ-220, AZ-300, AZ-330,
    AZ-4, Accura View Zoom 120 QD,
    Accura View Zoom 90 QD, Accura Zoom 105,
    Accura Zoom 120, Accura Zoom 130s,
    Accura Zoom 130s QD, Accura Zoom 80s,
    Accura Zoom 90, BH941P (Ice-Cream Ma), C3000,
    Centurion, Centurion S, Citia 160,
    ES7801S (Shaver), I 100 AF, I Snap, I Zoom 2000,
    I Zoom 3000, I Zoom 60, I Zoom 75, I Zoom 75VF,
    I-10, IS-1, IS-10, IS-100, IS-1000, IS-10DLX,
    IS-2, IS-200, IS-2000, IS-20QD, IS-3, IS-30 AF,
    IS-30 DLX, IS-300, IS-3000, IS-3DLX, IS-5, IS-500,
    IS-5000, IS-5000QD, IS-50QD, IS-DLX, IX-20DLX,
    Infinity 105QD, Infinity 210 Panorama,
    Infinity 220 Panorama, Infinity 80 QD,
    Infinity Stylur Epic, Infinity Twin, Infinity XB,
    Infinity Zoom 105 QD, Infinity Zoom 200,
    Infinity Zoom 210, Infinity Zoom 230,
    Infinity Zoom 80QD, L5, LT 1, LT 105, LT Zoom 105,
    LT Zoom 105QD, Newpic M10, Newpic XB,
    Newpic XB AF, Newpic Zoom 600, OZ130, QM-4T,
    SUPERZOOM 160, SUPERZOOM 80G, Stylus 100 Wide,
    Stylus 105, Stylus 105Z, Stylus 120, Stylus 120QD,
    Stylus 120Z, Stylus Epic, Stylus Epic Zoom 115 QD,
    Stylus Epic Zoom 170, Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD,
    Stylus Epic Zoom 80, Stylus Infinity 70Q,
    Stylus Infinity Zoom, Stylus Infinity Zoom 115,
    Stylus Infinity Zoom 140, Stylus Select 105,
    Stylus Zoom 105, Stylus Zoom 115VF,
    Stylus Zoom 140, Super  Zoom 130S,
    Super  Zoom 140S, Super  Zoom 2800,
    Super  Zoom 3500, Super  Zoom 70G,
    Super  Zoom 80 Wide, Super  Zoom 80G,
    Super AZ-100 Zoom, Super AZ-110 Zoom,
    Super AZ-210 Zoom, Super AZ-230 Zoom,
    Super AZ-300 Zoom, Super Infinity Zoom 105,
    Super Infinity Zoom 110, Super Infinity Zoom 120,
    Super Infinity Zoom 2800, Super Infinity Zoom 300,
    Super Infinity Zoom 3000, Super Infinity Zoom 330,
    Super Infinity Zoom 3500, Super Zoom 105,
    Super Zoom 105G, Super Zoom 110, Super Zoom 115,
    Super Zoom 120, Super Zoom 120 SF, TRIP 505,
    Trip AF Mini, Trip AF Mini II, Trip MD2,
    View Zoom 120, View Zoom 80, Voice-Trek DM-10,
    Voice-Trek DM-20, Voice-Trek DM-30, XB QD,
    u Metal, u Zoom 130, u-1, u-2, u-II,
    u-II 110, u-II 115VF, u-II 170VF, u-II 80VF,
    u-II Limited, u-II Zoom, u-II Zoom 80 Panorama,
    u-II Zoom VF, u-III 120, u-III 135, u-III 150,
    u-III 150 QD, u-III 170, u-III 80,
    u-III Wide 100 QD, u-III Wide 80,
    u-III wide 100, u-Panorama, u-V, u-V105,
    u-Zoom 105, u-Zoom 105 Deluxe(L), u-Zoom 115,
    u-Zoom 115 Deluxe, u-Zoom 140, u-Zoom 140VF,
    u-Zoom 170, u-Zoom 70, u-Zoom 80,
    u-Zoom Wide 80, u-Zoom Wide 80 Deluxe


    *ist, 67 II, EfinaT, EfinaT2, Espio 105G,
    Espio 105SW, Espio 105WR, Espio 110, Espio 120,
    Espio 120Mi, Espio 120SW, Espio 120SWII,
    Espio 123M, Espio 140M, Espio 140V, Espio 145M,
    Espio 150SL, Espio 160, Espio 170SL, Espio 200,
    Espio 24EW, Espio 70, Espio 738, Espio 738G,
    Espio 80V, Espio 838, Espio 838G, Espio 928,
    Espio Date, Espio JR, Espio Mini, Espio W,
    IQ Zoom 105, IQ Zoom 105-SR, IQ Zoom 105-WR,
    IQ Zoom 105G, IQ Zoom 105R, IQ Zoom 105SW,
    IQ Zoom 110, IQ Zoom 115, IQ Zoom 115M,
    IQ Zoom 115S, IQ Zoom 115V, IQ Zoom 120,
    IQ Zoom 120MI, IQ Zoom 120SW, IQ Zoom 135M,
    IQ Zoom 140, IQ Zoom 140M, IQ Zoom 145 Msuper,
    IQ Zoom 145M, IQ Zoom 150SL, IQ Zoom 160,
    IQ Zoom 170SL, IQ Zoom 200, IQ Zoom 280P,
    IQ Zoom 28W, IQ Zoom 60R, IQ Zoom 60S,
    IQ Zoom 60X, IQ Zoom 70R, IQ Zoom 70X,
    IQ Zoom 70XL, IQ Zoom 70Z, IQ Zoom 735,
    IQ Zoom 80E, IQ Zoom 80G, IQ Zoom 80S,
    IQ Zoom 835, IQ Zoom 835D, IQ Zoom 90,
    IQ Zoom 900, IQ Zoom 90WR, IQ Zoom 928,
    IQ Zoom 928M, IQ Zoom 95S, IQ Zoom 95WR,
    IQ Zoom EZY, IQ Zoom EZY-80, IQ Zoom EZY-R,
    IQ Zoom EZY-S, IQ Zoom MZ-6, IQ Zoom XL Date,
    K100D, K110D, MZ-3, MZ-30, MZ-5N, MZ-6, MZ-60,
    MZ-7, MZ-M, MZ-S, UC-1, ZX-50, ZX-5N,
    ZX-60, ZX-7, ZX-L, ZX-M, ist

    AFM 35, Giro 140, MiniDigi, Prego 115,
    Prego 115 AF, Prego 125, Prego 140,
    Prego 145 AF, Prego 70 Zoom, Prego 90,
    Prego 90 AF,Prego Xenar AF, Prego Zoom 115 Date,
    Prego Zoom AF, Prego Zoom X115,
    Prego Zoom X70


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